“Liturgy Guide for our use on March 19’s observance of the Migrant Sunday.”

On March 19, 2023, the NCCP will be observing Migrant Sunday. On this occasion, we ask our bishops, clergy and councils to work out that our dioceses through their respective parishes and missions dedicate this particular Sunday for our migrant sisters and brothers. We attach herewith the Liturgy Guide crafted by NCCP which may be incorporated in our Eucharistic Worship, either in parts or in full. The guide may also be used for any other occasion deemed appropriate to highlight the plight of our migrant workers.

It will make the celebration more meaningful if our churches invite OFWs during the worship to share their testimonies, and to serve the occasion as well to promote our Overseas Filipino Chaplaincy Programs for migrant workers.

For our recollection, Migrant Sunday was designated by the NCCP in 1995 and observed annually on Sunday closest to the date of the death of Flor Contemplacion in March 17. With the grim realities of the conditions of Filipino migrants in different parts of the world revealed especially at this time of the pandemic, there are more of them who find themselves in the same difficult conditions as Contemplacion. The churches have more work to do in extending care, service, and advocacy to migrants in need. We hope that this occasion paves the way for our common witness with them.

Attached please find the above-mentioned Liturgy Guide for our use on March 19’s observance of the Migrant Sunday.

Obispo Maximo