Children Safeguarding and Protection Policy

“The Iglesia Filipina Independiente (IFI) is a congregation of new men, women and children educated in and liberated by the teachings of Christ, dedicated to the worship of God in spirit and in truth, nourished and sustained in the Eucharist, and commissioned to be witnesses to God’s love in the world.” (Iglesia Filipina Independiente, 1977)

In the IFI’s Ten-Year Strategic Program (TYSP) II mission statement, it states that, “…as a community of faith steeped in the nationalist history of the workers and the Filipino people’s struggle in the Philippines, affirms its historical mission and ministry to empower the poor, deprived and oppressed through liberative education, organizing, and mobilizing the Filipino people to pursue life in its fullness, and to be active witnesses against injustices, and for the propagation of God’s love to all humankind.” (IFI-TYSPII).

The Church bearing the character of a family and an organization, have children as its members at all levels. As a body of Christ, she is mandated to open herself in service for and with the Children. That Children as members of the community have the right to live in a safe environment, and as member of the family, it is the responsibility of the whole to protect and defend the rights of every child.

The IFI, in strengthening its mechanisms for the protection of affected groups and individuals we work with, have developed this Child Protection Policy and Procedures to minimize the risk of harm to children who come into contact in IFI-related activities and those working with or in cooperation, and those members of concordat and ecumenical partners, as well as non-government organizations.

As a Church of, for and with the poor, oppressed and marginalized, church organs, councils in various levels and work with some of the most vulnerable children all over the world. Over the past few years and months, we have become increasingly aware of risks of abuses and exploitation to children by those in positions of authority and trust, in the witness and service component of the Church program. 


The IFI Obispado Maximo, its Offices and departments, programs, projects, and the various ministries under them shall adhere to the following basic principles:

i. shall take a zero tolerance approach to child abuse, respect children’s right to participate, and ensure priority is always given to the best interests of the child;

ii. Shall adhere to all child protection laws as provided in the RA 1076 of the Republic of the Philippines, as specified in this document;

iii. All children/young people have equal rights to protection from abuse and exploitation.

iv. All children/young people should be encouraged to fulfil their potential and inequalities should be challenged.

v. Everybody has a responsibility to support the care and protection of children/young people

vi. Shall ensure a Child Safe Program Design

vii. Shall ensure Child-Safe Recruitment requisites of Staff/s

viii. Shall ensure development of a Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct

ix. Shall ensure Procedures exist for reporting and investigating child protection and safety concerns.

x. Shall ensure transparency and easy access to the process of submitting complaint/reporting child abuse.