Parish Empowerment and Commitment Enhancement

Parish Empowerment and Commitment Enhancement (P.E.A.C.E.) is the Obispado Maximo’s main strategy for TYSP II’s moving forward through a diocesan course.

It is the long desire of this Church to mould our congregation to become highly conscious, mature and responsible of their membership in the IFI. The direction is towards the formation of strong, deepened and committed faith. Such a faith is so desired in order to push the mission and  ministry of the Church.

Part of the mechanics in pursuing this goal is the conduct of PEACE Campaign Seminars that the Church has deemed it proper to serve as a program vehicle to bring such kind of formation among our church members and congregation possible.  

As a program, PEACE  is intended to serve as the basic diocesan membership course and projected to be implemented within the next triennium   throughout the whole Church.  

As a matter of strategy, the Diocese forms groups of teams comprised of clergy and lay members to conduct the PEACE Program in target parishes simultaneously.

Generally it is aimed to 

  1. orient the parish congregation about general church life; 
  2. increase the level awareness, maturity in faith and sense of responsibility among church members; 
  3. form individual and corporate commitment for the support of the total life and mission of the Church; and
  4. consolidate church members for organized and efficient mobilization to respond to worships, activities and services

P.E.A.C.E. has Four Phases:

  1. Guidelines on Church  Membership
  2. Mission and Stewardship
  3. Biblical Tithing and Pledges
  4. Cell Grouping, Organisation and Consolidation

Phase one (1) is composed of Five (5) Inputs:
  1. Taking A Close Look At The IFI: Its Life and Witness
  2. The IFI: As A Faith-Community And Human Organisation
  3. The Place of Church Laws in the Life of the Church
  4. The Guidelines on Church Membership
  5. Towards A Common Response To The Challenges of Mission

As a whole, P.E.A.C.E. is geared toward realising the hopes and dreams of the IFI as stipulated in the TYSP II.