The IFI is a leading church in building the Kingdom of God here on earth where fullness of life, dignity of all peoples and integrity of creation is upheld and truth, love, justice and peace reign; We are committed to live out our historical heritage, intentional discipleship, ever growing church and ever-expanding mission of Christ towards life in its fulness.


The Ten-Year Strategic Program 2023-2032, may also be known as TYSP 3, is formulated to achieve the IFI Vision-Mission Statement 2032. After ten years, we shall evaluate whether we have become the Church that we want to be as stipulated in the vision- mission statement thru the implementation of the TYSP 3.

Basing on the Change Oriented Church Programming (COCP), our adaptation of the Outcome-Impact Orientation – Change Oriented Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting, Learning and Accountability (OIO-PMERLA), espoused by the national program office we have formulated a Ten-Year Strategic Program 2023-2032 that is “change oriented” and “from beginning to end”.

“Change oriented” means that referring from the baseline there should be clear projections as to concrete desired quantitative and qualitative changes that we want to achieve in the next ten years. These are articulated in the Ten-Year Projections and the Goals and corresponding Outcome Objectives of the TYSP-3. These shall define whether the IFI Vision-Mission, articulated as “Impact” in the effect chain, is achieved.

“From beginning to end” means that the plan formulated is based on an effect chain matrix with which the activities planned from the start of the program points, connects and ensures the achievement of the desired changes or target projections in ten years. “From beginning to end” may also mean from the national to the diocesan to the parish level as seen in the program design and eventual implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

The TYSP 3 design shall therefore contain the following:

  1. 5.1  Ten Year Projections of the TYSP 2023-2032
  2. 5.2  Goals and Outcome Objectives of the TYSP 2023–2032
  3. 5.3  P.E.A.C.E. as core strategy of the TYSP 2023–2032
  4. 5.4  P.E.A.C.E. Timelime in the TYSP 2023–2032
  5. 5.5  Annual Thematic Dedications during the TYSP 2023–2032
  6. 5.6  The Three Year Rolling Plan 2023-2026
    1. 5.6.1  Three Year Projections of the TYRP 2023-2026
    2. 5.6.2  The Effect Chain Matrix of TYRP 3.1
    3. 5.6.3  TYRP Gantt Chart
  7. 5.7  Turn-over, Mentoring and Capacity Building
  8. 5.8  Monitoring, Evaluation, Assessment, Learning & Sustainability

*Approved during the May 2023 General Assembly.